A production company owned by Meghan Caves with a focus on the eerie, the mysterious, and everything in between. Using the medium of TTRPGs, film, & more!





Meghan Caves is the owner of Gone Rogue Entertainment. An actor since high school, she continued down that road with a BFA in Drama and headed to LA in 2008 to pursue film. She got involved with streaming tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) when she joined the Twitch channel Saving Throw in 2016 - she became a player, then a social media manager, then a producer, a GM, and more! She learned a LOT about producing and running a live TTRPG show while mixing in her theatrical background to create live dramas with characters that she fell in love with. She continued to work with other channels and game companies, and by 2021 she had gained so many new skills she decided to try her hand at doing it herself!


Gone Rogue Entertainment is focused on art and the humans creating it. The entertainment industry is not always a kind one, and Meghan wanted to create a place that will put people first.

Gone Rogue Entertainment will bring you all things mysterious, eerie, and fantastical using the mediums of TTRPGs, film, and more.